Left untreated, your deck can become an expensive eyesore and a source of frustration.  But it’s back-breaking, time-consuming work to protect a new deck, and even more difficult to restore a dirty old deck.  So leave the hard work to DeckTechs.

Your wood deck is exposed to the destructive elements of nature 24 hours a day.  Rain, melting snow and dew are all absorbed by the wood, causing it to swell and expand.  This moisture is the perfect breeding ground for mildew, algae and fungi.  The sun’s harmful UV rays cause rapid evaporation of this moisture, which makes the wood contract and dry out.  This constant cycle of wet/dry, expansion/contraction causes the wood to warp, crack, split and turn that unsightly gray color.  The forces of nature can’t be controlled, but DeckTechs can help minimize the harmful effects they have on your deck and restore its natural beauty.


The DeckTechs Two-Step Deck Restoration System:

DeckTechs deck cleaning Before and AfterStep 1: Restore
To restore your deck’s natural beauty, our Deck Protection Experts first remove dirt, algae and mildew stains by cleaning it with their environmentally safe, biodegradable Premium Deck Cleaner and a pressure washer.

Step 2: Beautify & Protect
When your deck has dried (often the next day), we apply a Premium Deck Finish — a linseed and tung oil-based sealant that deeply penetrates the wood to provide moisture and UV protection and inhibit mildew and algae growth.

Choose from these four beautiful natural semi-transparent wood tones:



Or you can choose a Storm System solid stain. Click here for solid stain color choices.

DeckTechs also cleans and seals concrete & masonry — patios, driveways, walkways, sidewalks, brick, paver stones, etc.
Our environmentally safe two-step cleaning and sealing system is also perfect for extending the life and beauty of fences, play sets, patios, concrete, stone, brick, and pavers.

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